Signs That Your Transmission Is Failing

Problems That Point Towards a Failing Transmission

The transmission system is one of the most important components in your car, as a working transmission will keep your vehicle running smoothly. When this system is working properly, the power from the engine in your vehicle is sent to the wheels, which allows you to drive the car. Because of the importance of this system, you should be aware of the main signs that indicate your transmission system may not be operating properly.

Transmission Warning Light

There is a wide array of warning lights situated on the dashboard of your car. While most warning lights don’t point towards you having a problem with the transmission, it’s possible that the presence of a warning light in conjunction with any of the standard symptoms of a transmission failing, such as delayed engagement or fluid leaks, could mean that the transmission is on its last legs, which is why you will want these warning lights to be diagnosed by a car repair facility.

Delayed Engagement

This is one of the more readily noticeable signs that points towards a failing transmission and occurs when you first turn on the car and start pressing the gas forward. Once you shift from “P” to “D” and press down on the gas lever, you should start moving automatically. In the event that the engine revs for a few seconds but your car does not move forward, you may need to have your transmission checked.

Fluid Leaks

The transmission is among the most durable components in your vehicle, which means that there’s no reason it should display fluid leaks. If you notice that there are leaks on your driveway or within your garage, make sure to focus on the color of the fluid. An orange fluid is likely your coolant while an amber color is a sign of an oil leak. If the fluid is a bright or dark red, it’s likely caused by a transmission leak. Refill your transmission fluid if possible and take your car to a repair shop. If your transmission has stopped working as it should, you may want to consider used transmissions in Henderson.

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