Signs That Your Engine Is Dying

Signs That Your Engine Is Not Working Properly

While the engine in your vehicle should last for a substantial period of time, it’s always possible that it will start to display problems that could point towards engine failure. When your engine stops working, your car won’t be able to move, which is why it’s important that you’re able to identify any early signs of an engine dying in order to avoid having this occur when you’re driving.

The Presence of Warning Lights

In all likelihood, the majority of the lights on your dashboard will turn on right when you start the vehicle. However, these lights should disappear in just a few seconds. When a warning light stays on, this means that there’s likely a problem with your car. The most important warning lights in regards to your engine and its condition include the check oil light, the oil pressure low light, and the check engine light. With many cars, the presence of a check engine light could indicate something as simple as your gas cap not being closed properly or something as serious as an engine leak. When any of these lights turn on and don’t go away, take your car to a repair shop, as they will be able to scan your vehicle’s system to identify the exact cause of the light.

Odd Noises and Smells

There are some strange noises and smells that could indicate an issue with your engine. For instance, a grinding noise when starting your vehicle could require the replacement of the starter motor while a popping noise could be the result of a blown piston. As for smells, certain scents such as burning rubber or a foul gas may be the cause of a leak in the engine.

Exhaust Smoke

If smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe at the back of your vehicle, this is always a sign that your engine is in trouble. The presence of blue smoke means that oil is leaking when flowing to the engine. On the other hand, the presence of white smoke means that antifreeze condensation has been combined with the fuel supply, which should be checked out. If your engine has failed completely, consider looking at used engines in Henderson.

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