Signs That Your Engine Block Has Been Damaged

Signs of a Cracked Engine Block

The engine block in your vehicle is one of its more important components, as it supports every facet of the engine while also transferring the heat produced by the engine into the atmosphere. Whether due to decay or an accident, the engine block in your vehicle can become damaged for any number of reasons. When it does, it’s essential that you identify these issues as soon as possible in order to mitigate the damage and obtain the necessary repairs.

Antifreeze and Oil Issues

When the engine block in your car has become cracked, there are two clear signs that a crack has occurred, which include the antifreeze becoming mixed in with the oil and the oil from the engine becoming mixed in with the antifreeze. The former only happens when the crack is deep enough while the latter occurs with even a small crack. When the oil has seeped into the antifreeze chamber, you’ll be able to notice it by removing the radiator cap and checking the antifreeze. When the antifreeze mixes in with the oil circulating throughout the engine block, white smoke will come out of the exhaust pipe.

Engine Smoke and Overheating

When your engine block has become severely cracked, there’s a high chance that white smoke will begin to send visible white smoke out of the exhaust system at the back of the vehicle. It’s also possible for the engine to start overheating, which you will be able to notice on your dashboard.

Visual Crack in Block

The engine block is readily visible when popping the hood of your vehicle. Although your engine will need to be free from dirt or other issues, it’s possible to view the engine block and assess whether or not a crack is situated on the unit. If you can’t see the engine block yourself, consider taking your vehicle to an auto mechanic. In the event that the engine block has become too damaged to be repaired, consider searching for used engine blocks in Henderson.

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