What You Need to Have on Hand When You Get Started With a Transmission

Essentials to Gather Before Putting in a New Car Transmission

When you are preparing to replace the transmission in a car, you’ll likely look through your tool chest to make sure that you have all of the essential hand tools for doing the job. Whether this is your first time installing used transmissions in Henderson, or you have done it before, there are a few other pieces of equipment that could help your project to go more smoothly. Each of these items will enhance your comfort and productivity levels.

Mechanic’s Creeper

An adjustable mechanic’s creeper allows you to move about the underside of the vehicle with ease. You will be more comfortable with this type of a rolling seat than you would be lying flat on your back on a dirt or concrete floor. The creepers and seats are adjustable and have a high weight capacity.

LED Head Lamp

The underside of a car is dark. Even if your garage has great lighting, seeing underneath the vehicle will be a challenge. A light emitting diode headlamp will make things brighter. The light emitting diodes release minimal heat, so you will not get too hot working under the car with the lamp.


Every time you do some work on the transmission installation project, your hands will get greasy. The last thing you want to be doing in the middle of a big car project is a load of greasy laundry every day. Be sure to pick up a big jug of mineral spirits or the degreasing agent of your choice. If you have run out of old towels for wiping off your hands, a trip to a local thrift shop will get you set up at a minimal cost.

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