Reaping the Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts

Motoring on a Budget: Benefits of Used Auto Parts As a car owner, you understand the importance of keeping your ride in top-notch mechanical condition. However, even well-serviced vehicles will eventually need to have a least a few replacement auto parts. Instead of spending money on brand-new components, consider investing in used car parts. This is especially true for high-dollar … Read More

Salvaging Seat Belts from Wrecking Yards

If you want to give the interior of your car, truck or SUV a makeover, visit wrecking yards in Henderson to see the many different types of items that are available. Car engines cease operating for a variety of reasons, but a cracked engine block probably isn’t going to cause damage to components inside your vehicle’s cabin like seat belts, … Read More

Fun Things to Look for in a Car Wrecking Yard

When you are at a wrecking yard in Henderson, chances are good that you will find that piece of trim, body panel or clutch that you need in order to make a repair on your own vehicle. While you are at the wrecking yard, you will likely walk past hundreds of cars. Keep your eyes open for some of these … Read More

Find the Part You Need at the Local Wrecking Yard

There may come a time when an individual needs to replace the brake line or gas tank in his or her current vehicle. It may be possible to buy a new part from the local body shop or from the manufacturer online. However, it may be easier and less expensive to simply get the part from a salvage yard instead. … Read More

Used Radiator and Cooling Parts Could Prevent an Engine Failure

The radiator and its system of fins, hoses and coolant is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle’s engine does not overheat. The temperature of the engine can get as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit after just a few minutes of driving at highway speeds. When your high temperature sensor comes on, it is important to take the warning seriously. With … Read More

Using a Computer to Find Affordable Vehicle Parts

There are few feelings worse than knowing that a car’s engine may need to be repaired or completely rebuilt. The same may be true when the brakes go out unexpectedly or a vehicle needs repairs for any other reason. While most car and truck owners realize that most parts have a limited useful life, it may still be difficult to … Read More

Wrecking Yards 101: What You Need to Know

For a Nevada motorist looking for a way to save money on auto parts, a wrecking yard in Las Vegas can be a treasure chest. Think of the staff there as members of an automobile organ transplant team that can help give your ailing vehicle a new lease on life. Whether you’re searching for new car seats or a replacement … Read More

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