Driving in the Desert – Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle

We want our cars and trucks to last as long as they can. When our vehicles are sitting in triple-digit heat, there can be some added challenges. Here are a few tips to maintain your vehicle in the desert heat. 1. Check that Air Conditioner! Is that air coming out of your car vents cool enough? It could be fixed … Read More

8 Reasons To Buy Used Auto Parts On Ebay

1. Shop from Home Ebay buying and selling means no face-to-face interaction! No crowded offices, and no need to find parking! You can be sitting on the couch and just pull up Ebay straight from your phone. Save yourself time from calling multiple auto shops and use a search engine instead. It’s all on you to search for the parts … Read More

Saving Money On Car Repairs

Amateur Handyman: How To Save On Car Repairs Although some vehicles are more dependable than others, every car will need to have at least a few things fixed over the course of its life. If you own a vehicle that’s not under warranty, you will have to cover these extra expenses. Here are some tips to help you save on … Read More

Signs That Your Engine Block Has Been Damaged

Signs of a Cracked Engine Block The engine block in your vehicle is one of its more important components, as it supports every facet of the engine while also transferring the heat produced by the engine into the atmosphere. Whether due to decay or an accident, the engine block in your vehicle can become damaged for any number of reasons. … Read More

Signs That Your Transmission Is Failing

Problems That Point Towards a Failing Transmission The transmission system is one of the most important components in your car, as a working transmission will keep your vehicle running smoothly. When this system is working properly, the power from the engine in your vehicle is sent to the wheels, which allows you to drive the car. Because of the importance … Read More

Signs That Your Engine Is Dying

Signs That Your Engine Is Not Working Properly While the engine in your vehicle should last for a substantial period of time, it’s always possible that it will start to display problems that could point towards engine failure. When your engine stops working, your car won’t be able to move, which is why it’s important that you’re able to identify … Read More

How to Stay Safe When Picking Car Parts

Preparing for a Day at the Salvage Yard Whether you need a replacement part for the family car or want to add an engine block to your collection, your local salvage yard is likely to have what you are looking for in their inventory. However, it is important that you are aware of your surroundings and understand how to keep … Read More

The Benefits of Using OEM Parts on a Vehicle

The Primary Reasons to Choose OEM Parts When looking for new or used vehicle parts, you should opt for OEM parts whenever possible. This is because they have been designed specifically by the manufacturer to work on the exact make and model that it is being used in. This can be especially beneficial when trying to rebuild an engine or … Read More

Saving Money on Car Repairs

How to Save Money on Car Repairs Maintaining and providing a high level of care to your vehicle is necessary to keep it operating and in excellent condition. Over the years, repairs are needed due to wear and deterioration of the parts after adding more miles to the car. If you want to avoid breaking the bank on the car … Read More

How to Check Out a Used Transmission for a Car Part Repair Project

Three Things to Do Before Buying a Used Car Transmission Whether you are restoring a vintage car, or your newer model of vehicle had its transmission go out, used transmissions in Henderson could save you a lot of money. So long as you have the tools and know-how to install a new transmission, using used parts could save a lot … Read More